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Terms of Use

Thank you for taking the time to review our website.  Please note that the information on this website should not be construed as legal advice, and you should not rely upon it as such.  If you have a legal question, you should always consult with a professional, such as a paralegal or lawyer.

Using this site or consulting with Allistair Trent does not mean that Mr. Trent is  engaged or retained to represent you and no  paralegal-client relationship exists unless you enter into an agreement with  Mr. Trent.

Mr. Trent would be happy to schedule you in for a one-hour remote consultation for a set fee of $200.00.  However, please be aware that meeting, speaking, texting or emailing Mr. Trent  would not create a paralegal-client relationship between you and Mr. Trent.  Mr. Trent would have no contractual or legal obligation to handle your matter until such time as you enter into an agreement.

Should you contact Mr. Trent by email, please be advised that incoming email is not encrypted or secure and by you sending confidential e-mail messages or by using this  sites online contact form, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks of such uncertainty and possible lack of confidentiality over the Internet.

However, any discussions that you have with Mr. Trent over the telephone, by way of  virtual or remote meeting or in person will remain strictly confidential and Mr. Trent will not discuss your case with any unauthorised persons, unless required by the Law Society of Ontario or another governing body.

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