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New Standard Form Lease

Maximize your Rents !

Residential Tenancies Seminars


Allistair Trent  - Seminar Materials

Note: These seminar materials are from past seminars and in some cases are out of date on recent legal developments. They are for discussion purposes and should not be relied upon or taken as legal advice.

Residential Tenancies Act - Performance Rentals

Continuing education course for Realtors accredited by Real Estate Council of Ontario.

Abatement Liability Arising from Actions of Other Tenants and Application to "Smoke-Free" Premises

Presented at Law Society of Ontario November 2009 after winnning first case to allow eviction for contravening "no smoking" lease.

New Ontario Standard
Form Lease


Ministry of Housing - Ontario Standard Form Lease.

Ontario Standard Form Lease

Effective April 30th, 2018, most Ontario Landlords will be required to use a Standard Form Lease developed by the Government to make landlords and tenants more aware of their rights.

Many landlords are unaware of their rights and the strategies that can be used to legally enhance the performance of their investment :

  • Encourage rent payments on time.

  • Increase rents above the guideline without Board approval.

  • Protect yourself from privacy complaints in photographing and marketing your property.

These strategies are are authorized by the legislation and have been used by institutional landlords for years to improve performance.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss these strategies with you and see if they can be of assistance in your rental portfolio.


Standard Lease
Selling w Tenants
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