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Our Rates and Fees

The lowest rate does not guarantee the best value.


The best value means getting maximum results for clients with minimum time and expense. To accomplish this requires experience and specialization.

Fees are determined in accordance with principles established by the Law Society of Ontario and depend on the following factors:

1. The amount of time and work involved.

2. The nature and complexity of the issue.

3. The amount of money involved in the dispute.

4. Our experience in dealing with the subject matter.

5. Any special circumstances that may exist.

Legal proceedings are inherently unpredictable. After an initial consultation however, our experience allows us to accurately assess the costs and potential outcomes of many proceedings.

In certain cases we also offer a contingency fee ("no-win-no-fee") arrangement where fees are calculated as a percentage of the amount awarded. These arrangements are dependent on the facts of each case and offered in our sole discretion.

In all cases we obtain the approval of the client before undertaking any work on their behalf.

Allistair Trent

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