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Cases In Law Reports

What Judges Say:

 "Mr. Trent candidly acknowledged that he was making this a test case in the interests of his clients generally. The jurisdictional issues argued are of public importance..."

Gill v. Residential Property Management Inc., 2000 CanLII 22701 (ON SC)

Although the landlord was represented by an agent, the quality of the representation surpassed many Counsel.

Blackwood v Kinas Investments et al.

[1998] O.J. No 2840.

Since 1990 Allistair Trent has been instrumental in setting precedents that increase landlords rights. The cases listed below are only a few. The cases below were published in the Ontario Law Reports as well as on CanLii from the period during which landlord and tenant disputes were heard by Superior Courts.

Feeney v. Noble, 1994 CanLII 10538 (ON SC)

Leading case still referred to in Board guidelines establishing standard for a purchaser obtaining possession on sale. Allistair Trent represented the landlord at trial and worked as a law clerk on the appeal.

Phillips v. Dis-Management, 1995 CanLII 7079 (ON SC)

Leading case that established negligence standard for landlord's liability for non-repair. Cited in Board guidelines for a number of years as best statement on landlord liability limited to cases of negligence.

Gill v. Residential Property Management Inc., 2000 CanLII 22701 (ON SC)

Established exclusive jurisdiction of Tribunals after repeal of Part IV of Landlord and Tenant Act and prohibited paralegals from bringing Court proceedings to enforce rights under Tribunal's governing legislation.

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