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About Allistair Trent

If you are dealing with problem tenants or a real estate related dispute in Ontario you need experienced representation.

Allistair Trent has been representing Ontario landlords and real estate professionals since 1990 when he served as Manager of Legal Services for Rent Check Credit Bureau. Since 1995 he has continued in private practice, representing clients in some of Ontario's most notorious tenant disputes including:

  • A number of landlord-tenant cases featured prominently in the media.

  • Various precedent setting cases that have substantially increased landlord rights and have been featured in law reports.

  • Several class action lawsuits initiated by the Toronto Tenant Defence Fund.

Alliistair also taught an accredited course for Realtors in Residential Tenancies Law and has spoken at the Law Society of Ontario on the same topic. Allistair is licensed to provide legal services by the Law Society of Ontario. He is also a Realtor specializing in investment properties. For brokerage services please visit the Landlord Brokerage Services page.

To inquire about a specific matter please call for a free consultation​. or email us via the Contact Form.

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