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Providing effective legal representation with proven results since 1990

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For information videos on being a landlord and issues relating to real estate disputes in Ontario subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Allistair Trent has been providing effective legal services to landlords and real estate professionals since 1990 and has represented some of Ontario's most prominent brokers, management firms and their clients.  Experience and specialization allows us to obtain the best result for the client as quickly as possible and with minimum expense. If you are faced with a tenancy issue or dispute over a real estate transaction call us for a free consultation or message/email us through the website and we be happy to see if we can assist.

Landlord and tenant disputes, Landlord and tenant Board, Tenancy issues, evictions, Small Claims Court, Real estate disputes, disputes over real estate deposits, commission dosptes, BRA enforcement, RECO complaints, Landlord defence, Human rights tribunal, Provincial offences,, nuisance claims,  disputes between neighbors, contract disputes, civil claims, administrative law, by-law infractions, effective representaation . 

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